Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's go back to the beginning...

Earlier in January, I wrote about what I thought I knew about the Harden history. Turns out, it was mostly wrong. So that is why we are doing this book, so that other Harden descendents won't turn out quite so ignorant as I am.

As part of this process, I got to read John Vallentine's "Lexington 1884-1984: The History of a Kansas Community," which is a fascinating book if you are interested in that time. It contains so much detail about all facets of life back then. I wonder what he does now. I see on the web that he has written other family histories besides his own. Maybe he is a geneologist or historian... Anyway, I hope he does not mind that I have cribbed heavily from his book for our story. Don't anyone tell him! I doubt he would sue me for plagiarism, but better safe than sorry.

And now I will begin with the story of Nathan and Emeretta Harden.

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