Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Judy Vashus!

Today is my mom's birthday. Should I reveal how old she is? Has she reached the age yet where she would be proud to announce how many years she has managed to live? No, I think you have to be at least 71 for that.

Suffice it to say that she was born Judith Anne Harden in 1945 in Dodge City. Her parents were Duane and Linda Harden. Harry Truman was president. (Old!) She has a brother, Don, who tormented her as a child, as little brothers are wont to do, and a sister, Sandy, who just moved back to Ashland after 42 years of tearful exile.

Duane, Sandy, Linda, Judy and Don, c. 1959.

Judy graduated from Ashland High School in 1963.

She went to Kansas State University, where she studied Home Economics for awhile, until she realized she really didn't have the temperment for cake baking and crocheting (though she has baked plenty of cakes and cookies and makes a lovely pot roast). Who wanted to be a home-maker when there was a whole world of people out there who needed blood drawn and their pee analyzed? So she switched to biochemistry, or something like that. She had a slide rule and, doggone it, she knew how to use it!

The Sixties. When hair had an aura of its own.

Unfortunately, she decided to get married and have a baby, Jennifer. Well, women were expected to do that and not go out and become neurosurgeons. Besides, how can you resist a cute baby like this?:

Eventually, she settled back in Ashland and worked at the hospital there and had another baby, Duane.

Judy has many talents and skills. She has always loved her family and her kids. She loves to garden and take care of the lawn. She plays the piano for church and the high school choir. She likes to read the Bible and enjoys Sunday School at the First Church of God. She likes to wear hats and sing if her sinuses are clear enough. She loves cats and catnaps. She also loves to laugh with her irrepressible siblings, Don and Sandy.

Judy, Don and Sandy at Don's 60th birthday party.


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