Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some memories from Jacque

(Let me see if I can get this right: Frances, Lloyd, Willis, Bob and Duane Harden taken in the family's old car. Model?)

Jacque Johnson (Bob and Donna Faye's daughter) wrote to share some of her memories of growing up Harden:

"The picture of the car with all the kids hanging off of it? Dad got mad and kicked out the windshield."

"Dad spent a lot of time with Aunt Rayben and Uncle Chet. Aunt Rayben had a turtle that she kept around to eat bugs etc. Dad killed it one day because he caught it sucking eggs in the hen house."

"Dad and Lloyd were staying at Uncle Chet's and they had to go somewhere so Lucille and her sister had to baby sit them. They took them downtown so they could hang out with their friends. The following day Aunt Rayben asked Dad and Lloyd how it went. Lloyd spoke up and said "We had fun but Lucille and Jerry just smoked and smoked and smoked."

Hm, sounds like Uncle Bob was a handful. Was he the most ornery of the siblings?

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