Monday, February 18, 2008

Problems with posting comments

Hey everyone. Sorry if you've had trouble trying to post comments to the blog. My mom said she was glad she was not the only one. I tested the comments myself on another PC and they worked fine. I just typed in my comment and selected anonymous, so I wouldn't have to log on to Blogger. I can't really tell what's wrong unless I know what you all are experiencing. Does the comment page not come up? Is there no option for Anonymous posting?

Basically, what happens is that when a comment is posted, it shoots an email to me and I approve the comment (to prevent spam posting).

I tested it with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and it worked. Don't know what could be wrong on y'alls end, but please feel free to email me with your story or comment and I'll be tickled pink and green to post it for you! : )

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