Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Reunion, Italian Style

Our cousin Maryl Thompson sent me a photo of her oldest daughter, Kiley, who's in the Navy, and Mike's youngest son, Charlie Harden. Unfortunately, they could not make it to the reunion, but I'm sure consoled themselves with the fact they were in Italy. Sure looks like they got a lot of sun. Here's the story from Maryl:

"Meet my oldest daughter, Kiley, who is active duty with the Navy. (I have 3 kids, the other 2 were in attendance at the reunion.) Kiley was planning on attending the reunion until the Navy told her she needed to go to Italy instead. Because of the reunion and most of our family being in KS, information was exchanged only to discover that Mike's youngest son, Charles, was also stationed in Italy on the same base at the same time my daughter was there! So, after names and numbers were exchanged, they met each other and spent 4 days "hanging out" all the while the rest of us were reuniting in KS, thousands of miles away! They had their own reunion of sorts. Kiley told me it was the highlight of her deployment meeting him. You just never know with a family the size of ours, where a relative might just show up!"

Isn't that cool?

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