Monday, July 28, 2008

Victorian Photography Redux

Ken and I were inspired by the Bard family photo to take our own, "old-timey" photo. It looks like I'm this close to picking up an axe to break up a saloon, doesn't it? I tried to look as traumatized by the endless ironing as possible.

The experience made me think that it must have been similar for E.C. Bard and Family. When they asked about the spider web background, they were told, "Oh, the spider is symbolic of wisdom. Don't worry about it, you'll love it! Everyone does." Our photographer wasn't very supportive, besides helping me to find the ugliest hat they had. I had to hold a fan and stand just that way, because that's how everyone does it. "Don't you want to smile for at least one?" she said. She didn't get it. I resisted the impulse to cross my eyes, because, well, it cost $25, after all.

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