Monday, July 21, 2008

Random Cuteness

Whenever you get a bunch of kids together with some animals, there are bound to be cute pictures.

Mary had a litter of kittens running around, adding to our enjoyment. My mom took one home and named it Moses, perhaps because she plucked it from among the rushes. It may have been this one here. (Note: my mom confirms that this is indeed the kitten she adopted, and is much onerier than he looks here.)

Nicholas was keeping a kitten busy chasing a stick.

Sandy's grandson Dalen, during the morning trailer ride.

Hobbes was let out to enjoy the kids for a while. Hope he did...

Those kittens were so well-tempered, they would even let the little kids pick them up and hold them. They wouldn't have tried twice with my cat, Harry.

Now that's cuteness!

I guess this kitty had had enough of Dalen.

Dalen and Hunter Stone were taking turns annoy-- I mean, playing with, the kittens.

Another Hunter (two in the family!), Hunter Goss, Don Harden's grandson. I guess he had some soda pop. Sticky!

He looks ready to represent the Lollipop guild.

Your humble author. I let someone else use the camera for a change.

"Kittens... on my shoulder... make me happy..." This kitten looks a little nervous about being on Ken's shoulder, though.

Far be it for me to call Uncle Lloyd cute. But this motorcycle certainly is. I think it's called a Ford Thoroughbred (??) That's the kind of motorcycle I could drive. If the cab were completely enclosed, it would make a cool futuristic car! Ford, get on this. You may stay in business after all!

It certainly looks like a car. Or maybe a superluxury golf cart. Good picture!

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