Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2 ... Afternoon and Evening

After the group photo, the multitude made its way back to Ashland for dinner at the VFW hall. I didn't get to take many photos at the dinner, as I was scanning in pictures, but my mom took a few. It was an enjoyable meal of barbeque and smoked brisket and some delicious cakes and brownies for dessert.

Here's Ashley Goss, Don Harden's daughter, and her son, Hunter, in line for the buffet.

Jo, Ashley, Don and Ashley's daughter, Abby, looking at pictures and the Harden history book. Alice Rich was nice enough to organize all the photos that her mother, Frances, had inherited from Great-grandma Florence. As we all know, Great-grandma kept up with our school pictures and our doings through the years. I'm sure Alice had so many she didn't know what to do with. This was a great idea to come up with photos for the history. I found several of my mom I never knew existed! Yes, the past and bad hairstyles always come back to haunt us!

Here's Dean and Pat Harden and their kids, Amanda and Taylor. (Dean, Amanda, Pat, Taylor) Dean grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us for the evening meal. Nice medium-rare burgers! There was also a really good broccoli dish that I wish I had the recipe for. Kudos for that. And, it goes without saying, the whipped cherry jello salad. Yum!

Ray and Mary Harden. My mom, Judy, made the banners. Neat, huh?

Mike's son, Wes Harden, and his wife, Shelly, and their four kids, Alex, Grant, Emma and 3-week-old Jack. People always enjoy having their picture taken while eating.

Jeff Harden, Paul's son, with his granddad Willis.

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