Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Ride in the Country

Later that evening, after meeting at the cemetery, we went to Jim and Mary's house, which is the house that Charles Harden built in 1908. I think he would find it changed! Of course, three generations have lived there since then, and it has gone through many additions and renovations.

Mike and Don had built a couple of trailers for us to tour the fields, equipped with padded pews and covered so we were protected from the sun. All they needed was some fringe on the top for a fancy ride! Mike and Phil drove the tractors that took us over Bluff Creek and up into the pastures so we could see the fields that Nathan and Charles Harden farmed. Then we watched the fireworks from Ashland and Protection from the top of a hill where we could see as far as Coldwater and all the stars in the heavens.

A couple of goose-neck trailers, some canvas, some benches and a lot of welding went into these rigs. Mike should go into business offering paid tours of Clark County to visitors.

Here's Mike and one of his grandkids, I believe. I appreciated the blue tarp for optimal photogenic qualities!

Ruth's husband, Harry Patterson, and Melinda Arnott on the other side.

Uncle Willis and Sandy and my man, Ken, in the middle.

My uncle, Don, helped Willis point out places of interest along the way.

The other folks in the blue trailer.

Sandy's daughter Melinda and her nephew, Dalen Williams.

Beautiful sunset. (I admit I upped the saturation just a little.)
Red clay draws in the upper pasture.

If you look real close, you can see the cresent moon that was setting that night. It was more like a fingernail.

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