Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 2 ... Morning

Why did I take so many photos? Downloading and reformatting takes forever... But I did get some nice photos. On Day 2, we met at the Lexington community center for registration and then went over to the Lexington Cemetery. The mother and sister of Agnes Gilchrist, Margaret Gilchrist and Ella Gilchrist Towner, are both buried here.

Here's Bob Harden, walking with Maureen Herd.

Paul gave us a brief tour of the prairie cemetery, before we went back to Jim and Mary's house to take a group photo.

Here's a cute photo of Mike and Gayle Harden's Riopel grandkids in the tree in front of the house. These are Melissa's children, Tyler, Lauren, Anna, Clair and Charlie.

Melissa's youngest, Josie, was a bit young to climb in the tree, but we can't leave her out.

When preparing the group photo, the elders were given the seats of honor.

Paul works security, trying to get us all on the porch. Obviously, there was some spillover. I wonder how the other photos came out. I took a panorama shot, which won't fit here, but which I'll post on my Flickr site.

Melissa, her daughter, Lauren, Mike and Ronda.

Uncle Don with Jana (right) and Jo (left).

Ray and Mary's family.

Bob Harden (right) with his brother Lloyd, daughter Jacque, her son, Alex, and Nathan Harden.

I'm glad someone asked people to pose for photos, because I am always too timid. Here's Yvonne Stone and her husband, Taylor, with Jessalyn, Hunter and Garrett.

Next, we took tours of the house, which Jim and Mary renovated and created into a beautiful home, and the barn. Here is my artistic rendering of one of the barn windows. I studied art with Mary George Harden, by the way.

Mike tooks some folks up into the loft, so I had to get their pictures. Here's Jo and Jana.

Hunter Stone.

Here's Ken.

The farmhouse on Saturday morning, side view.

Mary talking with Angela Moore and Gayle Harden on the front porch.

It was a blue-sky day.

A barn swallow. A rather pedestrian name for such a pretty bird. I'm glad my camera's zoom was able to capture him.

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