Monday, July 14, 2008

Photos from the Reunion

Finally back from my Kansas odyssey. After I enjoyed the Harden Family Reunion, I spent a few days with my dad in northwest Arkansas and a day at Eureka Springs. I took some pretty good photos, I think and will provide a link to my photos on Flickr, so anyone can download them in the large size or email them to others. I think you can even order prints, if you want them.

So, on the Fourth of July we began by meeting at the Protection cemetery to view the gravesites of our loved ones passed on. It was quite warm and sunny, and there were ants, but it was good to meet up with folks we hadn't seen for so long.

More photos to follow later as I upload them...

cemetery 1
Here's the marker for my great-grandparents, Paul and Florence Harden.


cemetery 1
Here's Maryl and her kids, Landra and Jared.

cemetery 4
Here's Larry and Alice, looking young as ever, and Dan and Ruth, Willis and I think Jeff off in the background.

cemetery 2
My aunt Sandy, with Uncle Dan and Maureen Herd.

cemetery 3
Dan and Maureen.

cemetery_dalen and nicholas
Nicholas and Dalen got to meet each other and seemed to hit it off right away.

uncle dan w nicholas and dalen
Here's Nicholas with his grandpa Dan, and Dalen, who is Sandy's grandson.

myron and ronda in cem 2
Myron Harden with his sister, Ronda.

myron and keith in cemetery
Myron and Keith are the sons of Ray Harden.

uncle ray family at cem 2
Ray and Mary and their grandkids. From left, Nathan, Mary, Ray, Landra, Grant, David and Jared. (Thanks to Paul Robert, for the names.)

cemetery_ray and don
Here's my Uncle Don (right), in glorious technicolor, with his Uncle Ray.

nicholas and dalen in cemetery
We didn't quite let these boys go off into the sunset...

If anyone else has some photos they'd like to send me for the blog, you can email me at jprather at my address. (Trying to avoid spam.)

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Paul said...

Hi Jennifer! It was good to see you and meet Ken and have fun
discussions with you guys. I just wish we had more time. I wanted to thank you for your efforts on both the web page and the book. I know that has taken hours, but there are many of us who appreciate it a lot. Thank you again. Names on the pictures are Landra and Jared with Maryl. The other picture is in order from the left: Nathan, Aunt Mary, Uncle Ray, Landra,
Grant, David, Jared. I need to have Jeff send you some of our pictures.