Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 3 ... Sunday Morning

The weather was awfully nice for us the whole weekend, but I think Sunday, July 6, was the nicest day. Ken and I didn't make it to breakfast at the community center. As far as eating goes, I have to pace myself. : )

Some people went for another trailer ride that morning. Here's Sandy and cousin Phil. I learned from looking at old photos that she and Willis' boys played together as kids, before my Grandpa Duane and Grandma Linda moved to Garden City.

My mom took these photos of her Uncle Ray, and Jacque waving.

Ray and Lloyd.

Joanna, her granddad Willis, and Gayle and Phil.

Afterwards, we congregated for church services in Mary's beautiful garden. She obviously spent a lot of time working in it. Everyone enjoyed it so much. She sent some photos around which I tried to download, but they didn't have enough pixels left for me to use. Sorry!

During the reunion we learned that Ray's melanoma had come back, so on Sunday the family had an anointing ceremony for him, led by Uncle Dan, who is a retired minister for the Church of God. He didn't preach a sermon, but invited the family up to testify to their faith and prayers for Ray and all of us.

Doesn't the hibiscus bush in Mary's garden make a lovely backdrop? Nature is God's creation!

Jim and Mary's daughter, Joanna, sang a lovely song called "Healer." So talented! I hope the song comes true and Ray's family gets a good prognosis.

I think everyone was very moved by the service. Here are Mary, Ray and Maryl, Landra, Mary G. Harden, Willis, Mike, Jim, Gayle, and Phil.

After the service, we went to Protection for lunch at Don's Place. Some have said that there isn't enough of my mom on the blog, so here she is... My mom, Judy, with her sister, Sandy. Does Don's Place need free publicity on this website? It seems to be the place to go after church. We saw my mom's Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat there. Uncle Willis treated us all, so thanks to him for a nice dinner!

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