Thursday, July 24, 2008

More pics from Yvonne

Since I could not be everywhere, it is nice to have these additional pics from Yvonne (Rich) Stone. Others can send me photos, too, but they should be sent as attachments and be of good size. At least 100K or more.

Yvonne's son, Hunter Stone, on the trailer ride Friday night. Also, her older son, Garrett, and it looks like Angela's daughter, Shayna Moore. And Yvonne's husband, Taylor, in the foreground.

Another angle of our group photo, this one taken from the side.

The rest of us wondering where we're going to sit or stand.

Terry's wife, Nancy Eubank, giving Nicholas a ride on the back of this impressive machine.

Angela (Rich) Moore and her aunt, Betty Eubank.

Brother and sister, Paul Eubank and Alice Rich.

Visiting outside the VFW: Keith Harden, Taylor Stone, and Paul Eubank.

This must have been at the back door of the VFW. Looks like the police station in the distance. Ray and Junior, Dan, Ashlee, Mary, and looks like Maryl behind her.

Just like the good old days, when kids would crowd around the computer to watch the latest YouTube video... I don't think the VFW had wifi, so Jared probably had some games on his computer.

Looks like Garrett is outmatched by Nicholas, Dalen and another boy.

Are these really all of Willis' grandkids? A multitude!

Terry Eubank gives Dalen and Hunter a ride in his amazing futuremobile!

Junior and Terry. How do people afford these things?

Uncle Dan and Jared at the museum. Can't make out who's behind them.

WWI gas mask donated by my great-grandfather Paul Harden. I think I mentioned before that his uniform is also here in the museum.

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