Friday, January 4, 2008

Countdown to the Family Reunion -- July 4, 2008

Dear Family (though you may be many times removed),

I am putting together a book containing the history of the Hardens of Clark County and Comanche counties. My mom and Gayle Harden are sending me tons of photos and some history from the 19th century on. I know there are many branches of the family who would like to be included but for which we have few pics and info, so I invite you to send them to me (good quality photos are best, of course.) Also, if you have special memories of Paul and Florence Harden, or their children, your parents and grandparents, these would be nice to know too. Anyone who would like to be added to this blog to make entries, you are welcome. Just email me and I'll take care of it. Any large attachments should go to my jprather at duke dot edu account. Otherwise, you can use my chirpXL at gmail dotcom account.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in July!

Jennifer Prather (Judy's daughter)

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