Friday, January 18, 2008

Gilchrist Family History

Charles E. Harden married Agnes Gilchrist Feb. 11, 1890, in Coldwater, Kan. She was the daughter of William Gilchrist and Margaret Richardson Gilchrist, both born in Scotland. (Yay!) I found William and Margaret in the 1860 census in the town of Hickory, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, where Agnes was born in 1863. She doesn't appear yet, but the family is already rather large with Jane, 13, William, 11, Charlotte, 9, Archibald, 7, Dugald, 7 (now the record I have says Archie was born in '63, while Dugald was born in '64, but here they are the same age, so they may have been twins...) Mary, 5, Robert, 2, and James, less than 1 year. Now, interestingly enough, it looks like Margaret's brother, Dugald Richardson, was living in the same household. Apparently, the family left Ohio to go back to PA to work mining coal. Info collected from my mother says Margaret Richarson was buried in Lexington Cemetery.

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