Wednesday, January 16, 2008

U.S. 1880 Census -- Questions

I found this cool site,, that helps people research their family trees. Unfortunately, it costs to join, so I will have to be quick so I can cancel before my free-trial period is over. But I found this page from the 1880 census showing Nathan Harden, 49, in Jefferson Township, Warren County, Iowa. At this point, in the home are Nathan (farmer), his wife Viola, 25! (keeping house), Charles, 18 (farm laborer), Susan, 12 (at school), Isabel, 10 (at school), and Henry, 8. One of the odd things I saw was that Nathan's parents are both reported to have been born in Maryland, though the page from the Kansas book from 1916 says he was born of "Pennsylvania parentage." Well, I will have to check an earlier census from Ohio to see what that says. Not sure you can make out this page on the blog, but you can click on the image and see it largely. Can you imagine doing a census where everyone's name must be written in pen and ink, and neat enough to read? Luckily, there were fewer people back then.

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