Thursday, January 17, 2008

U.S. 1850 Census -- Details

Today I found a page from the 1850 U.S. Census that shows Nathan Harden back in Pleasant Township in Logan County, Ohio. It shows he is the son of Nathaniel Harden, 47 (farmer), and Mary Harden, 43. Their children are listed as John, 21 (farmer), Nathan, 19, Lewis, 17, Henry, 15, Mary, 13, Lydia, 11, and Mahala, 9. I wonder where they got a name like Mahala? Imagine what it would be like to birth a child every two years, like clockwork. Yikes!

In this census, Nathaniel has listed his place of birth as Pennsylvania, and Mary is from Maryland. Son John was born in Pennsylvania, but the rest are born in Ohio. I tried going back to earlier censuses to find a Nathaniel Harden in PA, but their records are not as neat and detailed as these. It seems only male heads of house (and perhaps widows) are named in those records, so I cannot find out from that source who Nathaniel's father was, without knowing in what county he was born, which might narrow it down.

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